Where Art Meets Perfection

Where Art Meets Perfection

Where Art Meets PerfectionWhere Art Meets PerfectionWhere Art Meets Perfection

Art makes our affinity blissful and the feeling of this bliss becomes more when art attains its fullness. 



Agrata Creations is a thought process generated by its efforts to establish a respected place for Art and Artists.

We promote the handicrafts and bring the beautiful objects made of wood, metal, stone, clay, grass, glass and threads for you from every corner of the country. Find out your perfect masterpiece here.

About Us


Our Creative Team

We are the team of highly skilled professionals. The top leadership of our team comes from engineering, information technology, pharmaceutical and business administration domains; They chosen their profession in their passion and thus Agrata Creations founded. Our creative team works with India’s most skilled artists and brings the masterpiece for your house and workplace.


Our Products

Our catalogue consists of a huge verity of hand picked items. Indian & Persian style carpets, crochet work, royal bedsheets, marble idols & temples, marble inlay & net work, wooden temple & swings, vintage wooden furniture, vintage table and hanging glass lamps, ceramic work, south India style mattel idols, ancient indian bronze work, terracotta work, lemon grass work, bamboo work, paintings and real framed photo prints.


More than Just a Store

Can a store be more than just a place to buy supplies? Absolutely! Our staff is always on hand to ask questions about what products are best for your house/project. We also offer workshops and a small gallery for our customers to show their work.

Our consulting team helps you to decide the right place for the right things, we come with a complete interior designing solutions which consists of interior decoration and Vastu.

We give an end to your search


Interior decoration in mind ?

 We will give such a wonderful experience of pleasure and satisfaction which comes to you when we decorate your home and office with incredible art which dwells in our beautifully carved items


Antique lover !

Hand picked antique items expressing the legacy of vintage time awaiting care from your hands, Lets pick them form our store


Real Paintings

A wide range of marvelous paintings which will steal your heart because they exactly reflect the perfection which you imagine.


Real Prints

Beautifully framed real prints of the incredible photographs clicked by our artists will give the power to your walls to speak the creativity of a human mind.


Live Plants

Our nurtured attractive plants would like to be the members of your family.


Consulting services

We paint the walls of your home and make them talkative.

Let's discuss what the unique we have designed for you.

Our creative homemakers have the ability to read your mind and suggest you the best for your space.

Only an artist can understand your requirements well, be rest assured ! we have wonderful interior designing and decoration solutions which will simply amaze you.

Our Products

Our showcase products

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Upcoming Events


A Handicraft Meet, "Perfection in Art"

7pm - 10pm

Hotel Holiday Inn, Mumbai

Event Details


A Handicraft Meet, "Perfection in Art"

We invite you to be part of an exciting meeting with great artists around India. We are going to talk what is perfection in art and how it i...

Event Details

7pm - 10pm

Hotel Holiday Inn, Mumbai

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